3D Animation

My final render of my 4th yr BSc Computer Animation project.
A music video style composition made with a collection of unusual humanoid avatars dancing to an original soundtrack. Animated using motion capture, built in Maya and motion builder. Procedural animation and dynamics added in MASH, Real-Flow and Unreal Engine. Composed and rendered in Unreal Engine, Arnold and Maxwell. VFX made and applied in After Effect and edited in Premiere Pro. 12 weeks of work, undertaking all parts of the production pipeline from modelling, rigging, animating, texturing, effects, lighting, building scenes and rendering the dancers on top of free mo-cap data. Many mistakes made and lots of lessons learnt while working at the sharp edge of new software and technique (sometimes experimental) I have pushed my knowledge and experience far further than I expected to when I first undertook this project. With a VR version as an added bonus I can see further progress can still be made.

More examples of my 3D animation work can be found on my Vimeo and YouTube channels and on my Videos page.