Honours Project

My final render of my 4th yr BSc Computer Animation project.
A music video style composition made with a collection of unusual humanoid avatars dancing to an original soundtrack. Animated using motion capture, built in Maya and motion builder. Procedural animation and dynamics added in MASH, Real-Flow and Unreal Engine. Composed and rendered in Unreal Engine, Arnold and Maxwell. VFX made and applied in After Effect and edited in Premiere Pro. 12 weeks of work, undertaking all parts of the production pipeline from modelling, rigging, animating, texturing, effects, lighting, building scenes and rendering the dancers on top of free mo-cap data. Many mistakes made and lots of lessons learnt while working at the sharp edge of new software and technique (sometimes experimental) I have pushed my knowledge and experience far further than I expected to when I first undertook this project. With a VR version as an added bonus I can see further progress can still be made.


A breakdown from a few of the VFX shots I did for a recent project I was involved in.  A short film  'The Inescapable Arrival of Lazlo Petushki' made for 2016's Scottish Film Talent Network in association with Creative Scotland and BFI. Winner of Best Short Film - BAFTA Scotland 2017.

VR test

My latest test of my VR dancers, incorporating 360 and 3D. Rendered at 4k resolution and  Made with Maya 2017 Mash and Mocap data, rendered in Arnold using Domemaster lat/long camera, and Unreal Engine.


Final animation completed for my 4th year BSc computer animation Character animation module- Dialogue. The Brief was to create a character animation with lip sync from a selection of  dialogue provided. I created a 'message from the future' using the dialogue of Tom Cruise in the movie Edge of Tommorrow. A combination of Maya and After Effect was used to create this animation.


Proof of concept of my 4th yr animation project, low quality renders to show my idea. compiling ideas of dancing things, I expect to make refinements and make an animation that could only be done using CG but will look real world


Outcome 1 submission, Character Animation module Yr 4 BSc Comp Animation. Made using Maya, Arnold using the rig from Animation Mentors

VFX – Film

Breakdown of some of the 'Invisible' Visual Effect I did as Lead VFX artist on this short film 'Bunny'- all effects are composited in Adobe After Effects and are not meant to be noticed -Invisible - the audience shouldn't know that they have been added to the original footage.


BSc 3rd yr Animation project at UWS- I've made a 60-second advertisement for CGi Cola, taking inspiration from well-known brands of cola and making an entirely computer generated sequence. Modeled and animated in 3Ds Max and Realflow and using Phoenix FD for additional fluid dynamics. Edited in After Effects.


Uni brief was to create 3 different dynamic simulations using Maya. A nCloth, nParticle and one other. In this scene I used 3 nCloth sims (girls hair, Night dress and cereal bag) 3 nParticle (cereal, milk and UFO smoke) character rig by Andy-rig. Rendered using Maya hardware 2.0 with toon shader.

After Effects

Neon lights animation touch point to complement 3rd year degree Digital art project.

More video's can be found on my Vimeo and Youtube channels. Also WIP details are on my twitter/Instagram accounts.