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My research proposal is:

Virtual Reality Gamification for Computer Science Teaching
New programming students often struggle to write code, partly because it requires them to change their use of the written word from linear communication to the creation of sequences of operations that are often nested within more complex functional structures. This written barrier can hinder the conceptual acquisition of basic programming concepts (e.g. data structures, functions, events) and thus visual aids are often employed to help when teaching programming. Existing work has looked at the use of gamification to teach coding, helping learners to develop metacognitive strategies for learning that are built around low stakes competition as a means of attaining basic conceptual knowledge and skills. Crosswords, missing word games and jigsaw puzzles can assist in closing the linguistic gap, but the conceptual linkages between coding processes are less suited to these methods.
This project seeks to investigate the use of immersive visual and audio stimuli with simple gamification techniques, to better convey basic programming concepts prior to their translation into written instructions. Functional elements will be represented using visual communication concepts (e.g. procedure/concepts/facts) whilst feedback will be provided using a combination of speech and sonification alerts. In so doing, a self-directed learning path will be constructed based on a simple game narrative (inventory and progression) wherein the mechanics will be mapped to standard game controllers to reduce the impact of the interface on the learning tasks involved.

Student Showcase VR

Student Showcase VR ver3

UWS Student showcase VR -version 3. Update include added architectural elements, environmental sounds (ambisonic) & ai butterflies and dynamic signs that alw...

Mobile VR


update of the mobile VR experience I'm making to 'learn' game making in VR

AR Poster

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Updating an old poster with #AR taking my old honors year project poster and bringing it to life with Augmented Reality - next step is to work out how to get MASH animation from Maya to Unity in the gIFT without crashing! #AugmentedReality #augmented_reality #animation #unity

AR 3D Painting

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Always wanted a Van Gogh painting on my wall. Thanks to augmented reality, now I can! Made in Unity with ARcore - Van Gogh Room 3D model provided by ruslan3d via #sketchfab @sketchfab #AR #ARcore #AugmentedReality #augmented_reality #vangogh #painting #unity #unity3d


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Adding to more this VR Pong project with procedural animation to the walls and floor that react to the ball - also made the AI not so hard! Now I need to work out how to get this to relate computer science teaching for a case study!

Immersive Spark

Immersive Spark

Another play around with the UWS Immersive logo and a bunch of VR headset models to create a motion graphic logo animation.

Logo Animation

UWS Immersive Logo Animation

Quick motion graphic animation using the UWS Immersive logo and a load of VR headsets

AR Tic Tac Toe

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Building #AugmentedReality Tic Tac Toe game to teach computer science ( basics coding - if/or/else/then) to kids using a multiplayer app. #AR #ARcore #games #tictactoe #noughts&crosses @uniwestscotland #immersive #phd #uws #teaching #vfx